Knowledge, communication, cooperation and European integration by using in the Danube space the new digital media technologies

il y a 7 ans

Setko Impex Ltd & Spiru Haret University & "Asociatia Europeea" NGO



Recherche partenariat

Recherche partenaire principal

Our project falls within this context and contribute to the knowledge and cooperation between different areas of the Danube area relying mainly on direct relationships and the use of new digital media technologies. Thus we consider the accomplishments of integrated information platform for the exchange of ideas, information and cultural events. Within these platforms will find local online television studios and other media (editing, publishing leaflets, booklets specific manuals on each of the areas participating in the project) Inside the project our partners will realize at least three new multimedia centers or will modernize the existent centers. These will contain actual new media technologies. By using these centers and also through visits or organized events the partners will realize knowledge exchanges, information, know how, media materials about natural resources and cultural and historical heritage in Danubian area of each partner. We shall realize media productions in coope

 Agenda numérique pour l'Europe
 Héritage culturel

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