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Aksaray Education Department

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My name is Kerem SAHIN from Aksaray / TURKEY. I am the EU Projects' Coordinator of Aksaray Education Department. Aksaray Education Department is the head organization and there are 350 schools ( including pre-primary, primary and high schools), teachers ( including school directors) and students. Our organization is responsible for all the education and training activities in ;

My role in my organization is to prepare EU projects and teach how to write EU projects to schools. I have been working as EU Projects' Coordinator for 9 years. I have enough experience. I have a hardworking and experienced team.


We have 1 KA101 and KA201 ongoing projects right now. I am disturbing you for future projects. We will apply for KA1 and KA2 projects for 2019 deadline. We will need courses for KA101 projects and project partners for our KA2 ;

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