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il y a 2 ans

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Young people tend to undermine themselves, they seek their identities, they want to emancipate themselves and at the same time, they often mistrust the people that surround them. This mistrust and ignorance of oneself and of others remain a brake on the construction of a fairer, more humanistic world.

Having a network of people you can count on is essential for the development of youth workers, especially in today's digital age, social media and often superficial or even harmful interactions. Young people can take advantage of mobility programs to gain self-confidence, accept the many differences and build up an international network that is beneficial throughout life. Moving forward in life serenely and developing friendships across the world is a way to promote peace, to build a more just and humanist society, to fight against stereotypes and discrimination of all kinds.

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 Mobilité des jeunes
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 Migrants et Réfugiés
 Droits de l'homme

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