Job Through the Art

il y a 7 ans

ERASMUS+ Youth Exchange project. Deadline 4th October 2016.

Young people with behavioural and psychiatric problems often have difficulty to find themselves in labour market. The behaviour depended on disorder often isolates these people and drops out at the margins of society. Very often such youngsters have a withdrawn attitude, communication problems, anxiety, aggression, lack of skills, motivation and ;

Duration of mobility - 10 days (without travel days). 

Within this project we would like:

  • to discuss the problems of employability of young people having mild mental and behavioural disorders;
  • to share success stories of getting job of people having mental illness;
  • to raise awareness of entrepreneurs about mental illness, to foster them to be more open-minded towards people with psychiatric disorders;
  • to raise self-esteem of young people having psychological, behavioural and emotional disorders;
  • to involve them into social life, to facilitate their adaption in modern society, especially in working life;
  • to demonstrate the importance of life-long learning process.

Project will include training of artistic and design creation skills, ability to feel the beauty and aesthetic with the aim to develop harmonious ;

Methods of training: art therapy, relaxation techniques, study visits, work practice in company, listening to success ;

This skills gained during training/mobility participants will be able to use in artistic jobs: handicrafts, landscape design, serving of tables and rooms, florist, sewing, knitting, paper ware. Also the mobility will be organised so that it will give for participants ideas about small home ;

Profile of participants:

  • aged 18-30;
  • from the member states of EU-28 or from non-EU countries (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey);
  • 4 participants per organisation: 2 with mild mental, behavioural or emotional disorders and 2 without disorders, able and motivated to present situation in country about employability of persons with disorders, capable to participate in discussions + 1 group leader;
  • mental disorder (= mental illness, psychiatric disorder), such as depression, dementia, autism and etc.
  • behavioural disorders - we mean anxiety, disruptive behaviour, dissociative disorder and etc.
  • emotional disorder - we mean inappropriate actions or emotions under normal circumstances, difficulties with interpersonal relationships, feelings of fear, unhappiness, anxiety, depression and ;

We would like to host 16 participants + 4 group leaders from 4 countries including Lithuania, we are searching for 3 organisations willing to participate in Youth ;

Communication language will be ;

Mobility place: Klaipėda, ;

 Mobilité des jeunes

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