Jaimin works as Incubatee Administrator . His area of work comprises of managing the back office operations and preparing reports for incubated has been actively involved in assisting with events at icreate. He joined iCreate as an Executive- Administra

il y a 2 ans

Shilpa Malik



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50 million people become victims of Traumatic brain injury every year in the world. Around 60% of them never return to normal life not because of lack of treatment but because of delay in detection. TBI patients do not prefer to go in a CT centre when they are mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic and this leads to irreparable brain damage by the time clinical symptoms arise and the patient goes to hospital. Neurological examination like glasgow coma scale is also a poor indicator of hemorrhages when the patient is mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic. And that is why TBI is associated with very high mortality and disability rates.

To slove the above problem Bioscan Research has developed a handy, non-invasive, a fully automatic system for detecting intracranial haemorrhage in 2 min. These three characteristics make it ideal to be used as a screening device. Since it is handy, it can be carried around easily, and also can be deployed onsite. Since it is fully computerized, it does not require any special skills to operate it. It can be used by a layman with 20 min training. Since it is non-invasive, based on NIR Spectroscopy, it can be used multiple times without causing any harm to the patient. Such a device when deployed in trauma centres, emergency departments and ambulances will save the lives of millions of patients whose brain injuries go undiagnosed. Injuries will be detected at an early stage thereby increasing the chances of survival and dramatically reducing the probability of disability creating a healthier world.

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