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 Development of culture to promote values ​​and principles of civil society;
 To promote community development;
 Support of personal realization and expression of young people;
 Assistance in social integration and improving the quality of life for people in disadvantaged social and cultural situation and create a supportive environment in the community;
 Supports activities related to the conservation of nature and cultural heritage;
 Promote cooperation between Bulgarian and foreign organizations to exchange experience in the field of education, culture, environment
by EU Member States, etc .;
 To promote the activity of young people in education, innovation, culture, employment, sports and more. to improve access and full participation in public life;
 Participation in the development of local, regional and national strategies in all spheres of public life;

 Ressources naturelles
 Garde d'enfants
 Développement durable
 Protection environnementale
 Éducation et formation
 Mobilité des jeunes
 Apprentissage tout au long de la vie
 Héritage culturel

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