Interested in a Partnership (The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center)

il y a 6 ans

Peter Schlesinger, Ph.D.

Education, centre de formation ou école


Recherche partenariat

CATIE is an international entity with a unique combination of science, graduate education and innovation for development, creating professionals with a distinct perspective who can contribute to the sustainable growth of their communities.

Its vision is to increase sustainable and inclusive human well-being in Latin America and the Caribbean, promoting education, research and outreach for the sustainable management of agriculture and conservation of natural resources. Allied with multiple partners and countries, CATIE is specialized in research in agriculture and natural resources that effectively integrates education, research and outreach through a solid scientific platform.

Assistance is sought to promote the development of climate-smart territories as a tool for action in education, research, and innovation for development. CATIE  has the technical and scientific backing of its international and national staff at its Costa Rica headquarters and national technical offices and seeks partners for participation in bids, public and private tenders and other forms of publicized administrative contracting.

 Ressources forestières
 Santé des plantes
 Développement rural
 Ressources naturelles
 Développement et coopération
 Sciences du climat

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