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il y a 2 ans

Stratagem Energy Ltd



Recherche partenariat

Collaboration on concept/proposal development - Collaboration in Research projects under Horizon Europe, Interreg MED and other EU funding programmes.

We are interested in collaborating on concept/proposal development under EU, National or MED calls relevant to Energy, Environment, Maritime, Marine, Urban Mobility, Transport, Industry 4.0 , ICT, Cybersecurity, Blockchain technologies offering our broad network of partners in Europe (Universities, Research Institutions, SMEs, Large Enterprises, Public Authorities/Ministries/Municipalities) our technical expertise on Cybersecurity, Energy Assessment, Environment and sustainability assessment, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), clustering, ecosystems development, business model development and Innovation Management and our expertise in Consortium Building and concept development.

We can support also by bringing valuable partners (research, technical providers, end users, demonstration/pilots etc) and by leading the write up of Section 2 Impact during proposal phase.

 Efficacité énergétique
 Villes intelligentes
 Horizon Europe
 Défence et cyber-sécurité
 Green Deal

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