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Social Cooperative of Cyclades

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We’re interested in your organization and wanted to propose a partnership with our organization from Greece “Social Cooperative of Cyclades- ALTERA VITA”.
It’s mostly located in Syros Island in Cyclades and founded in 2015.
Our organization’s purpose is to provide youngsters with opportunities and promote them to be more open-minded, develop their social and communication skills as well as exchanging experiences and adventures with youngsters from other countries and cultures.
We have taken part in many exchange projects around various topics such as social equality and active, healthy lifestyle.
In the framework of Erasmus+ Key Action 1 Learning mobility for individuals, ALTERA VITA has designed and offers a wide list of training courses dealing with education management, pedagogies, acquisition of new skills for 21st century, etc.
ALTERA VITA organizes domestic and transnational training sessions on a wide range of topics. To this end it collaborates with a network of experienced trainers and experts on various fields.
If you would like to join us for our courses in your Erasmus+ KA1 application (one or several courses), the first thing to do is to fill the interest form registration for this summer, dates you would like to apply for.
Project applications must be submitted by your organization directly to the national agency responsible for Erasmus+ in your country.
Our consultants are available to provide any support in filling in the application form with detail info pack step by step. Please contact us!!
For all the trainings we promote for this summer 2019, please fill in PIF and fill the : interest forms registration in which you are interested.
Our PIC : 911152623
P.S. You’re welcome to look us up on web : for more information about our organization.
Best Regards
Miltos Sakellariou
Chairman of the Board
Prevention Counselor in Addictions
MSc Counseling Psychology
skype: miltosak
Address :Social Cooperative of Cyclades,
Agros E11, 84100 Syros GREECE

 Agriculture sociale
 Affaires sociales et inclusion
 Éducation et formation
 Apprentissage des adultes
 Mobilité des jeunes
 Jeunes travailleurs
 La musique

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