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The following key areas that are in focus of the Slovenian Forestry Institute could act as an initiative step in establishing or broadening the strategic ties in research and development or with cooperation with industrial partners in EU and beyond:

• Urban forestry

• Innovative solutions and products for measuring in forest ecosystems (soil respiration equipment, measuring towers, adapted soil parameters sensors,…)

• Forest genetic resources conservation and use in the context of the changing environment and global forest genetic resources information system

• Biodiversity studies in forests at gene, species and ecosystem level in natural/semi-natural and plantation forests and in agro-forestry systems, in particular the below ground diversity

• Modelling of general carbon dynamic and effects of climate changes in forest

• Phytosociology, plant ecology

• Pedology and forest hydrology

• Study of natural heritage with emphasis on forest areas

• Development, setup and running of an environmental monitoring of forest ecosystems (EU ICP Forests program Level 1 & Level 2)

• Analysis of the impact of past land use change and forest development on hunting and endangered species, biodiversity and adapted forest and hunting management

• Wood quality assessment, growth and physiology of tropical/subtropical forest trees

• Dendrochronology of native tropical/subtropical trees

• The effects of climate changes to tropics/subtropics/savannah ecosystems

• Global wood value chains

• Wood quality of broadleaves and new options for added value

• Development of biomass trade and logistics centres for sustainable mobilisation of local wood biomass resources

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