Interested in a Partnership (Sibel Aksu Gungor, PhD)

il y a 2 ans

Sibel Aksu Gungor, PhD



Recherche partenariat

PUHU has a unique approach with insight from diverse disciplines from anthropology (psychological and cognitive anthropology) to information systems. PUHU has a team of consultants for understanding a social necessity and converting it to successful solutions and applications for individuals, companies, and institutions. In the case of additional capabilities needed, PUHU maintains a network of relations in the academia and businesses for additional capacity and expertise. Consultants of PUHU have completed numerous projects and contributed to many studies in the industry and academia. In this perspective, PUHU positions itself in the middle of any social research and development initiative, from an idea generation process of a project to industrial implementation of a social solution, with its web of experts.

 Culture et développement
 Culture numérique
 Horizon Europe
 Humanités numériques

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