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LOOKING FOR APPLICANT IN POLAND: The European R&D department of Rezos Brands SA is developing a new KA2 Youth project proposal named “D.EM.E.TER NEET project: Dynamic EMployment for NEETS youth womEn prEcision agriculture” and we are looking for an applicant from Poland. The “DEMETER project” comes to address the significant increase in women youth NEET rates in Europe by means of a training programme for establishing a career path in agriculture, with a special focus on precision agriculture, targeted to young women, aged 18-24. The consortium includes partners from Spain, Italy, Greece & Romania. Please contact us for more info. ,

 Biotechnologie agricole
 Fonds européen agricole pour le développement rural (...
 Horizon Europe
 Programme LIFE
 Subventions EEE et Norvège

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