Interested in a Partnership (PeriAgronomy Agricultural Consulting)

il y a 2 ans
PeriAgronomy™ is interested in knowledge diffusion and in building synergy based relationships and collaborations, as well as in taking part in multi-actor projects, whether they be under the auspices of funding calls or to foster idea and knowledge exchange.

The PeriAgronomy™ team strongly believes that the issues surrounding the agriculture, energy, and natural resource sectors share a common need-- sustainable management.

We are always interested in creating new partnerships and working relationships, including forming working and/or research collaborations for Agricultural European Innovation Partnerships (EIP-AGRI), and/or calls for Horizon, LIFE & other EU regional funding programs.

 Santé des plantes
 Ressources naturelles
 Développement durable
 Gestion des ressources en eau
 Fonds européen agricole pour le développement rural (...
 Horizon Europe
 Programme LIFE

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