Interested in a Partnership (Parabol Yazılım)

il y a 5 ans

Parabol Yazılım



Recherche partenariat

We would like to co-operate with one of the Spanish companies, for participating joint Spanish-Turkish EUREKA Network call. Our ideas are;

a) Managing the junctions with LIDAR sensors. LIDAR sensors are getting more affordable and its capabilities are higher than any other sensors (cameras, loops etc..). However, they are tried mostly on automotive sector, but not on intelligent transportation systems sector.

b) Creating "dynamic green waves" on multiple junctions, adjusting the number of vehicles and vehicle speed.

We are also open to other ideas in ITS sector. Such as; combining all road and traffic information such as junction status, phase plans, incidents and roadworks of a given city with public transportation for a more reliable and dynamic public transportation planning.

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