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Municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira

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The Municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira seeks to respond to new challenges by developing transnational projects in order to cooperate with localities at European level, creating new learning opportunities with a European dimension in the context of active citizenship . The exchange that we intend to foster also involves the creation of networks that contribute to sharing knowledge in areas of common interest and in establishing partnerships for the development of European projects.
We look for institutions truly involved with citizens wishing to develop projects and share experiences with added value to the population, either in education, sports, arts, health, social inclusion or other areas of interest to citizens.
We are also available to establish partnerships in other areas / projects of common interest.
The promotion of sport practice - together with education and/or leisure - has been, over the years, a permanent concern of the Municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira; Over the last decade, the municipality has developed several national and transnational projects in sports area with to increase sport practice and ensure the accessibility of the entire comunity ;After the success of the Olympics Intergenerational 2015 project, co-funded by ERASMUS + Programme, the municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira (PORTUGAL) intends to submit a new application  in the context of collaborative partnerships, based on Intergenerational Olympics, as good practice and its potential for replication in the most aged regions of Europe.
On that basis, we select a set of criteria that contributes to the identification of potential partners to join in the collaborative partnership:
- Partners that are located in regions with a high old age dependency ratio;
- Institutions/Organizations with skills and services in sport and active aging, which directly involve the community; and,
- Institutions that are developing or has developed projects funded under EU programs.

Village of Art
The Cerveira's Art Biennial is an event aimed at promoting contemporary art, supported by a national and international reputation that has been built for over 38 ;
Jaime Isidoro, national reference artist, receives the challenge of bringing contemporary art to the countryside to see how the rural public would react. This is how it was decided by the organization of the Fifth Edition of the International Art Encounters in Vila Nova de Cerveira, being organized in this context the 1st edition of ARTS BIENNIAL, in 1978. Today, 38 years after the 1st edition, the Cerveira's Art Biennial is emerging as one of the most important events of the visual arts in our country, promoting cultural decentralization, being the oldest in the country. Since the early 80s the Biennial welcomes international artists with a diversity that gradually increases their geographical distribution, putting national and regional artists alongside international artists. The cross-border role of the event begins to gain ground since the mid 80's, today is the only arts event in Portugal that has permanent exhibition spaces in the north of Portugal and Galicia. It is difficult to identify national artists of our time who were not present at the Biennial during their career, some of whom had here the first opportunity for public presentation of their works. Names like José Rodrigues, Henrique Silva, Artur Bual, Albuquerque Mendes, Fernando Lanhas, Paula Rego, Vieira da Silva, Nadir Afonso, António Quadros, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Rui Anahory, among many others passed through the ;
This event is, since 2010, organized by the Cerveira Biennial Art Foundation, whose objective focuses on combining the emerging avant-garde dimension of Contemporary Art with global social responsibility to bequeath the future generations an added value within the fine and performing arts and socio-cultural ;

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