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I am looking for an investor who will invest money in building hotels in Poland. I am a designer and originator of hotel construction in Poland. It is possible to build several hotels because there are reserved areas in large cities. The hotel offers 52 rooms, a restaurant, fast food, swimming pool, fitness room, sauna, jacuzzi. This is a new idea in Poland. Everything was based on French inspiration, but in the American style. I developed a design for architecture, I chose land for construction (in 20 cities) and got a positive opinion from industry professionals who viewed the project. I am looking for investors to implement this project. Good prospect because proven in Western Europe. If you are interested in creating a new brand in a holding, or you have $ 7-8 million for a hotel, please contact me and I will give you all the information you need to implement this project. He will come to Poland, or he will send a representative who will establish a company with me and with his contribution it will be the capital to carry out. One Hotel is 1 million USD of annual profit, for investor. As will be of interest to you then write Yes or No What are the licensing requirements for the partner of the organization. I would remind you that no financial charges on my part not to do. Maybe I will be able to take this step so that you and your organization are my partners in Poland in the construction and operation of the hotel. The financial result from one hotel is very good. With a view to 10 hotels, it is 10 million dollars a year. Real has a market value of 110 million US dollars. I therefore request you if you know or have anyone who might be interested please let me know.


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