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ITALCAM is actively involved with EU projects and everything that is related (events, conferences, seminars, workshops). We are currently dealing with three European Projects (BIFOCAlps, C-TEMalp and TalkNET) that aim at boosting innovation, low carbon solutions and promoting a sustainable and efficient development of SMEs both in the Alpine Space and in the Central Europe areas. We would like to expand our area of interest and be involved in projects that take into consideration other parts of Europe.

BIFOCAlps (Interreg Alpine Space)
- boost collaboration and synergies among main actors of Alpine region innovation system
- create sustainable, smart and competitive development of the value chain of manufacturing sector towards FoF practices
- build a critical mass of knowledge in terms of good practices, innovation patterns as well as measurable and qualitative impact indicators for policy to enhance the innovative growth

C-TEMAlp (Interreg Alpine Space)
- support SMEs across Europe during Transnational Business Transfer
- strengthen the innovation potential of established SMEs
- foster the matching among buyers and sellers at transnational level

TalkNET (Interreg Central Europe)
- efficient management of terminals and last mile connections;
- creation of a transnational stakeholder network for freight transport;
- optimisation of existing infrastructures;
- promotion of alternative fuels and energy efficiency solutions;
- strengthen environmentally-friendly multimodal transport in central Europe.

As a hub for technological innovation and green solutions, Bavaria plays an important role in the development of macro regional strategies and the establishment of high-tech business ventures. Our Chamber of Commerce can count on a transnational institutional and representative network that stretches from Southern Germany to Northern Italy. Moreover, we often work with public institutions, clusters, universities and research institutes all over Europe as active partners in other European projects.

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