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Recherche partenariat

Inventya has a long association with complex multiple-partner and consortia R and D programmes. We work with a wide range of academic, commercial and public sector partners across the EU create, deliver, evaluate and (most importantly) commercialize ground breaking developments with scientific and technological R and D.

As a project partner Inventya proactively leads on the management of the IP generated by the project, on the development of the commercial proposition and on its implementation by managing the product entry in the market after the end of the project funding.

Inventya's expertise lies in:

Leading project consortia with partnering searches, contract negotiation, project management and reporting
Impact assessment and structuring the project deliverables to maximize potential for commercialization
Writing consortia proposals, schedule work packages and cost-out partner contributions

Market Research and Market Intelligence
Yearly Exploitation Plan and Business Models

Lead on the development of the IPR Standard and IPR Working Group
Lead on the consortia preferred model for IPR exploitation

Activities dependant on the preferred IPR exploitation model.
Support with raising the necessary debt/equity finance

Project marketing information (web portal, flyers) and other PR (social media, newsletter, exhibitions)
Lead on project dissemination, events calendar and manage project publications.

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 Horizon Europe
 Programme LIFE
 Développement de projets
 Gestion de projets internationaux
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