Interested in a Partnership (Emphasys Centre)

il y a 2 ans

Emphasys Centre

Education, centre de formation ou école


Recherche partenariat

Within the Erasmus+ 2019 Call our organization is interested to investigate the following areas in the school, VET and adult education sector, as well as Youth (KA1,KA2,KA3):

-Empowering young people especially NEET with digital, employability and entrepreneurial skills.
-Promoting the Validation of non-formal and informal learning to fight Early School Leaving
-Upgrading the profile of Youth Workers
-Acquiring Key Competences for young people to fight unemployment and address the issues of skills gap/ mismatch
- Promoting Green Skills: "technical skills, knowledge, values and attitudes needed to develop and support sustainable social, economic and environmental outcomes for the community".
-Promoting and upgrading VET through Work Based Learning
-Active Ageing and Inter-generational learning – upgrading the provision of LLL opportunities for adults
-Active Citizenship in schools: fighting racism, bullying, nationalism, promoting equality, respect, tolerance, democracy

 Entreprises et industrie
 Innovation sociale
 Protection environnementale
 Éducation et formation
 Culture numérique
 Écriture académique
 Humanités numériques

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