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il y a 4 ans
As Education Culture and Social Innovation Researches Association (EKSINOVA), our mission is to train productive, innovative and with critical thinking skills individuals, teachers, adults who address the scientific ethics and universal values within the local context by giving priority to the use of mankind and environment, highlighting the interdisciplinary studies, structuring relations with international organizations and institutions, strengthening the relations between the industry and service sectors by arranging various projects and activities.
EKSINOVA is consisted of a diverse group of academics, teachers, experts in education, culture, tourism and social innovation areas. We are closely contact with universities, Governorship, Municipality, National Education directorates, cultural centers, business world. Since our members have already been involved previous EU funded projects in cooperation with these organizations, they are experienced enough in writing, implementing projects, organizing workshops and multiplier events in national and international level.

EKSINOVA aims to foster education-society- business cooperation by being integrated to all sectors of society. To reach these aims it gives great importance to international projects. This is to be done by bringing teaching, research and social services up to universal standards. We are open to project proposals related to our expertise. We are willing to contribute to the preparation process of the proposals.

 Innovation sociale
 Tourisme durable
 Éducation et formation
 Héritage culturel
 Culture et développement

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