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The Elclassico Development Agencies is seeking a grant/partnership to implement the Tele-Education Tutoring program – a pioneer and only one ever in the Kenyan education sector with an objective that will approximately see close to a million learners countrywide in its phase I assume an equal opportunity of access to education at both secondary and primary levels with emphasis on the less advantaged marginalized communities. About 45% of the geographical Kenya is classified as either marginalized or hardship or insecure areas a condition that negatively impacts on equity educational development across the country – learners are less advantaged and thus denied equal chances of schooling compared to their counterparts from the non-affected regions. The objective is that by end of phase I [ Academic year 1 after launching the program], learners in primary and secondary schools will undertake classroom learning to comprehensively cover the syllabus content consistent with the educational curriculum through television broadcasts, teachers guidance and referred text book reading. Elclassico Development Agencies prides in the great success of its previous educational program and has the capacity, will and industry to consolidate and integrate the requisite resources to establish and sustainably run the proposed project. El classico Tele-education Tutoring program is particularly concerned with Television and its contribution to educational advancement in the country. The program seeks to bridge the gap and bring up equal opportunities of access to quality education between the poor and the rich as well as the marginalized communities in Kenya.

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