Interested in a Partnership (Domenico Bearzatto)

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Domenico Bearzatto



Recherche partenariat

Development of tourism in territories making leverage on experiential tourism both in famous destinations and in villages. The realization passes through training, support, digitalization, internationalization of the whole communities. The action will involve: at town level municipalities , tourist operators, environment of support; at local government level: regional and national PA; at international level a Federation of territories involved in the project, marketing platforms, cultural routes organizations, Associations of sustainable tourism, rprivate equity institutions. Tha activities will be: realization of a product of sustainable, experiential, responsible tourism at community level; training, technical evolution and visibillity of operators and Municipalities on web; creation in any village of technological support for operators and Municipalities; web marketing plan; involvement in all partner countries and potential client countries of a network of tour operators and travel agencies to rupport the tourist flow; creation of an internaitonalnetwork public/private managed by a Federation inclusive of all the involved components of partner Countries.

 Tourisme durable

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