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Project Summary:

The Silent Artouch project is a 4 months of culture and social art activities in Cyprus with ceramic workshops and special environment to engage, professionally, people with mobility and communicating disabilities, to create ceramic masterpieces inspired from ancient Cyprus and Europe.

Also to setting up a European special social cooperation enterprise to set up a collaboration between society and people with special abilities for sustainability and  social inclusion.


This project starting on January and ends on April 2018.
On April 2018 we will have professionally trained, on Cyprus ancient and modern ceramic creation, members with mobility and communicating disabilities.
Also we will establish an Institution for social and culture development in Cyprus for people with mobility and communicating disabilities.
We are interesting to have partnership with other organizations in Europe in order to connect with them and exchange our acknowledgment and experiences in a proposal on  KA2 call.
Also we are interesting to have interns with abilities to have this acknowledgment and experiences of this project.

Here you may read about the our ;

Thank you.


Andreas Fasoulides 




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