Interested in a Partnership (Blaz Mertelj)

il y a 3 ans

Blaž Mertelj



Recherche partenariat

En recherche d'un consultant

Looking for NGOs and similar who lead communities and would like to innovate them or engage members during these times. You are familiar with and can apply to calls for small grants (around 40.000€) suitable to fund innovation or development of your community.
We will guide and help you every step of the way to a revitalised community under your leadership.

 Innovation sociale
 Coopération internationale
 Développement et coopération
 Coopération transfrontalière
 Coopération interrégionale
 Coopération transnationale
 Relations euro-méditerranéennes
 Rédaction d'article
 Coopération territoriale

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