Interested in a Partnership (Baran Altuncu)

il y a 2 ans

Baran Altuncu

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We are currently looking to partner up with other consultancy agencies that have clients that are also looking to apply for EU Funded Grants. We want to partner up so that we can build our network and in turn build a consortium for our clients faster; this of course also applies to the consultancy agency that we work with.

We are also looking for SMEs that require assistance to join EU Funded Grants as we provide our services for applying and managing said grants and the projects within.

You can find our company information presentation attached to this call.

 Entrepreneuriat et PME
 Horizon Europe
 Union européenne
 Gestion de projet
 Gestion de partenariat
 Planification de projet
 Gestion de la relation
 Gestion de projets internationaux

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