Interested in a Partnership (Athens New York College)

il y a 3 ans

Municipality of Palaio Faliro

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Recherche partenariat

We are interested in joining European consortiums that are focused on issues revolving around:
- Education
- Technology
- Sustainability
- Biomedical Sciences
- Youth development and entrepreneurship

We have a large network of national and international associates, which gives us access to thousands of potential beneficiaries/participants, hundreds of PhD-level staff, a multitude of high-end technological facilities, and a variety of potential partners from different EU countries.
Additionally, we have a large network of media with national outreach for dissemination and promotion.
Finally, in our efforts to expand and diversify our European outreach we have installed a team of experts on European projects with years of experience designing, coordinating and implementing actions.

 Entreprises et industrie
 Transfert de technologie
 Technologie bas carbone
 Économie sobre en carbone
 Développement durable
 Biotechnologie médicale
 Enseignement supérieur

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