Interested in a Partnership (Association of Business Consulting Organizations ...)

il y a 5 ans
Association of Business Consulting Organizations of Georgia “ABCO-Georgia” unites 30 business consulting organizations, rural crevice centers and extension centers operating in various cities and regions of Georgia. On the basis of existing network business consulting organizations and attracting other existing business enters, agro-business centers and agricultural extension providers, ABCO would like build up effective system provision of agricultural consultations in the country.
Also ABCO would like to implement Pilot Project on establishment of the loan guarantee fund, in order to increase access to finance for small farmers, farmer cooperatives and start up’s farmers in Georgia.

 Développement rural
 Jeunes agriculteurs
 Entrepreneuriat et PME
 Gestion urbaine
 Développement urbain
 Biotechnologie agricole
 Éducation et formation
 Apprentissage tout au long de la vie
 Développement des affaires

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