Integrated Waste Management Systems For High-rise Buildings

il y a 5 ans

Innovopolis Waste Solutions Ltd



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At Innovopolis we have integrated, decentralised waste management model for large buildings (airports, high-rise buildings, residential complexes and commercial centres etc.). A customizable waste management solution that transforms built spaces into TRUE ZERO Waste Habitats. Our waste bag tracking technology improves waste segregation within the household through data collection, monitoring and accountability. Our integrated circular economy supply chain promotes the local marketplace for recyclable materials. And the application of the world’s smallest gasification technology allows us to turn non-recyclable waste into renewable thermal energy directly on site. We deliver a service that is tailor-fitted to every building on the foundations of 3 key principles: Waste Optimization - reduce the properties waste footprint and take advantage of circular economy trends to generate further saving for the property. Energy Optimization - leverage property savings by deviating the cost of energy from the grid and the incurred cost of waste disposal. Community Engagement Program -   deliver a customer-centric service that stimulates proprietorship of a service which is there to make their lives and living spaces cleaner and ; 

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