Integrated Multi-trophic Re-circulatory Agro-Aquaculture Technology (IMRAAT) Model for future food security overcoming space, water and employment crisis

il y a 3 ans

B K Das



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Space, food and freshwater in the earth are in threats due to several reasons. Future food security and employability can be achieved by Integrated Multi-Trophic Re-Circulatory Agro-Aquaculture Technology (IMRAAT), which integrates aquaculture and agricultural in a minimum space, soil and water. The wastes generated from one unit used as nutrients of other unit. Water used for aquaculture is recycled as nutrients-rich irrigated water for agriculture and again backed to aquaculture in a purified form through this system. The produces are organic in origin and free from chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides etc. Non-agriculture sites (rooftops, parks, industrial, institutional and housing complexes) are used for IMRAAT.

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