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The Laboratory for Automation and Systems (LAS) develops its activity on Precision Agriculture, having a solid experience in creating economic and social value for industry, especially for SMEs. LAS cooperates with companies in research projects and applied technology, with a clear market approach, with competences in Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks, electronics projects, embedded systems and in technology implementation processes. LAS has a solid track record in European and National projects, with results already marketed by the firms we work with. Two projects stand out, directly linked to the agricultural sector, the AgriSENSact (EU-FP7-SME-2013-1 GA 606575, 2013-2016, € 1,323,) and InovWine II (PT-QREN 030272, 2013-2015, 823, €). The AgriSENSact project, under the research program for SMEs, aimed to develop a new generation of wireless sensors totally dedicated to agriculture, to improve its efficiency, increase adaptability in the most diverse conditions, and Reduce the environmental footprint of the agricultural sector. Regarding the InovWine II project was intended to put on the market an innovative, strategic product for the vine and wine industry, focused on precision farming, a result from a previous project - the InovWine from 2011. The technologies developed were aimed ultimately to the design of an innovative product ready to be marketed that allows a more efficient monitoring of biotic and abiotic factors affecting the vineyards, which translates into better control of the vineyards and subsequently increase the productivity of the sector.

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