Inspire VET innovation for labour insertion of individuals at vulnerability risk

il y a 2 ans

We participated in the generation of a proposal participating in a consortium of partners, submitted on ENI CBC MED last July 2020, in the domain of fostering Dual VET pilot projects in different north and south mediterranean countries, to enable training and labour insertion of Young (NEET), as well as other groups of individuals at vulnerability risk (women, migrated, long term unemployed, individuals with recognized disability, among other). In this call we would like to contribute to the development of online and semi-presencial vocational training education, to enable dual VET, in a post-covid economy recovery need.
Our participation can include the development of digital contents for teaching, in a multilingual, and homologated matter, regarding European Union homologation, homogenization of VET programs with specialization in food artisan trades and crafts ( butchery, bread and bakery and pastry) and agro-food industry (agriculture, livestock, food transformation, and assistant veterinary, among other).

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