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Among non-chemical insect control methods, biological control is one of the most effective, human and environmentally-friendly alternatives. One of the main methods of biological control is the application of entomopathogenic fungi (EPF). Today, biological crop protection with EPF plays a key role in projects for the sustainable management of insect-pests. EPFs have several advantages over conventional insecticides. These include low cost, high yield, safety for beneficial organisms, reduction of residues in the environment and increased biodiversity in ecosystems. Today EPF-based insecticides are available in many countries of the world. Although it is a common phenomenon in nature to find EPF infested insects and diseases with a significant impact on insect populations are often observed, mortality from infectious EPF diseases is rare enough to keep pest populations under the economic injury level. Therefore, despite their great potential, their many advantages and extensive research, few types of EPFs are practically used by growers. The proposed ENFORCES project aims to strengthen the use of EPFs for the biological control of many important insect pests that cause dramatic quantitative and qualitative losses every year in crop production. Research activities will focus on the collection, identification, laboratory cultivation, laboratory evaluation of insecticidal action, mass production of conidia of the most effective fungi, conidia formulation and evaluation in the field against major pests, exploration of the potential for production and development of endophytic forms of EPF as plant growth promoters etc. The ultimate goal of the InnoBioPro project is to provide effective bioinsecticides and plant growth promoters, compatible with principles of the Integrated Pest Management and Sustainable Farming.

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