Innovative breakthrough cold generation technology

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The international team of experts in gas dynamics and thermodynamics has developed a fundamentally new, breakthrough technology for the generation of cold and a cooling device - Dynamic Air Cooling Generator.

Degree of project readiness TRL 4

1. Scientific-research works were done, patents obtained (Ukraine and the EU).

2. Preliminary experimental-design works were done.

3. Prototype of the working element was made and tested. Videos of testing:


- does not allow thermal contamination of the atmosphere;

- coolants and refrigerants that have a greenhouse effect or destroy the ozone layer are not used, dynamic air cooling technology - the complete refusal to use hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

We are looking for partners to finance the completion of R&D and the commercialization of technology.

We are ready to create a project company for the commercialization of the technology in any country at the request of investors.

 Technologie bas carbone
 Protection environnementale

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