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Creating a Strategic Network for MedicalTourism Health Innovation, eHalth,,, Active
Ageing,  Social Inclusion 

Urban Innovation
Healthy Habitat 

" Healthy Habitat- architecture beyond form" in order to make healthy spaces whether housing, employment and leisure.
Our mission is to bring health, happiness and well-being through ;
 there are diseases with high number o happen by high exposure there is influence of terrestrial radiation.  Showed a clear improvement or remission of their symptoms with the simple change of location gesture of his bed for a zone free of geological agents like streams of water, cracks or fissures of the underground, which act as zones
preferred output of terrestrial radiation, such as gamma radiation, radon gas and other earth rays. In fact, the observations are noted on the usual practice of Geobiology studies, which confirms the causal relationship between theearth rays and human ;Today, to add to the natural radioactivity in existence for Dr. Hartmann's time we also have other effects resulting from
the effects of the "modern era" such as Chemical Pollution and ;
In this regard, continued exposure to radiation and other environmental contaminants factors affecting the immune
system, there is a higher probability of occurrence and development of diseases, more or less serious such as: 
- Nervous disorders (stress, depression) 
- Chronic Diseases 
- Neurodegenerative Diseases 
- SQM (Multiple Chemical Syndrome) 
- Electrossensibility
- Etc.
Given these facts, the basis of our work proposal is to help people to have a house (built from scratch or through
changes) that has positive effects on their health, well-being and happiness and this is promoted through space . 
To use such measurements, calculations and technical sciences and ancestral knowledge of Geobiology, Feng Shui,
Biogeometria and Sustainability, and the concept of "Integrative Architecture") to design and build healthy homes or
"treat" existing homes presents "pathologies ". Any housing, environment or place is a living being healthy or sick, as
certain conditions they ;
There are several aspects that influence (and analyze) such as: 
- Proximity Evaluation of environmental risk factors; 
- Static electricity; 
- Electromagnetic low frequency fields / high frequency; 
- Natural radiation; 
- Thermal and Environmental comfort; 
- Acoustic comfort; 
- Comfort luminous; 
- Building materials / biocompatible decorations, among others.


 Research studies, 
    Social and  Demographic Diagnostics


Help, inform people about what is Medical Tourism  The ability
to travel tand also sending persons to another countries, for
any support, assistance and medical procedure - medical treatment,
hydrotherapy ( we have in our region the largest Thermal  Spa Treatment)
, etc. Our Stories, Experiences, the region, will drive interest for people totravel to our region. Medical Tourism and Emotional tourism together 
different indicators

  Medical and Hospital Quality
  Quality of hotel infrastructure and restoration  
  Relationship Price- Quality in all indicators  
  High Quality in Thermal Tourism, Urban Tourism, Wine Tourism,
Religious Tourism, Gastronomic Tourism  
 Security - One of the safest countries in the world 
  Educate the public about medical tourism.
  encourage the potential client to travel abroad for their own personal 



 Entrepreneuriat et PME
 Innovation sociale
 Affaires sociales et inclusion

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