Industrial cobotics and robotics - DT-FoF-02-2018

il y a 5 ans

IRT Jules Verne

Institut de recherche

Nantes, France

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The IRT Jules Verne is a mutualized industrial research institute dedicated to advanced manufacturing technologies. Based in Nantes, IRT Jules Verne embraces the industrial, scientific and technological challenges that concern four strategic industries (aeronautics, shipbuilding, automotive and energy).

We are willing to integrate a research consortium in the field of Industrial cobotics and robotics, through the H2020 topic DT-FoF-02-2018 (Effective Industrial Human-Robot Collaboration), especially in the field of:

  • Sensor based control
  • Cobotic fleet coordination and reconfiguration
  • Cable driven parallel robot
  • Augmented Reality
  • Perception and localization

Our installations:

  • Reconfigurable Cable Driven parallel robot prototype (7mx4mx3,5m)
  • Mobile platform (4 wheels, omnidirectionnal)
  • Cobotics arms (KUKA, UR, Yaskawa)
  • 1000m² workshop

IRT Jules Verne leads activities driven by industry needs on the mid and long-term market trends. Its research program focuses on three major areas of development:

  • Integrated product / process design
  • Innovative processes
  • Adaptive and smart manufacturing systems

At a single site in Nantes, it brings together manufacturers, training facilities, private and public applied research laboratories, and prototyping and industrial demonstration resources. It focuses on strengthening the “industry-research-training” process in order to make the technological jumps that will help companies boost their competitiveness and continuity.

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