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Asociación Educativa por la Integración y la Igualdad

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AEII, Asociación Educativa por la Integración y la Igualdad (Educational Association for Integration and Equality) is a Spanish non profit organization that strongly believes in and fosters work-based learning, mobile learning, apprenticeships and trainings schemes both at local and European level.

AEII aims to foster quality improvements and excellence in education and training, focusing especially on those that have less chance to find a job. AEII uses training and mobility as tools to foster employability and reduce the skill gap between education and labour market.

AEII is active both at national and at international level where it cooperates with like-minded Schools and VET providers, companies and intermediary organizations to foster youth employability and improve the quality of education and training, notably developing innovative learning paths and implementing work-based learning mobility schemes.

AEII main activity is to provide vocational education and training opportunities both to young people and professionals especially teachers and trainers.

AEII establishes apprenticeships and traineeships schemes focusing especially on vocational students, apprentices and young people not in education, employment or training (NEETs). AEII organises high-quality and tailored work experience for its students, for the students of fellow Italian and European institutions and for NEETs.

AEII supports the European Alliance for Apprenticeships in its mission to promote apprenticeship schemes and initiatives across Europe.

AEII designs and organises in-service training courses and structured training events for teachers and trainers in order to support the educational staff to improve their competences and the quality of education provided by acquiring transversal skills and specific knowledge on innovative teaching methods and practices.

AEII runs entrepreneurship education projects with specific focus on social entrepreneurship. AEII is a cooperative and it’s associated to LegaCoop (National Cooperatives and Mutual societies Union) that is the biggest and oldest Cooperatives’ union. AEII has thus direct access and cooperates with some among the biggest cooperatives in Spain.

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