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DAVIDENT Dental Clinic is a modern dental clinic with many years of experience in dental medicine. Dental care is not static, but rather a dynamic development that is under the influence of new technologies. In Bulgaria, less than 30% of people visit a dentist regularly, and those who do not usually delay it until the case becomes urgent. It should be remembered that after the changes in the health model in Bulgaria, large groups of the population were left without dental diagnostics, such as students, elderly people from homes, public organizations or enterprises who cannot take on the health diagnostics of their employees. The reasons for this situation are complex: cost, fear, lack of time or reduction of toothache. To all this must be added the practical isolation of the rural population, which is completely devoid of all forms of health care. There are technologies in place to overcome these obstacles. Teledentistry is the use of information technology and telecommunications for dental care, consultancy, education and public awareness. Through teledentistry, patients can have a virtual dentist's home in addition to the physical one. This means adapting medicine to the latest technologies and the use of high-tech resources (personal smartphone / tablet, laptop, computer, etc.), allowing not only patient consultation but also increasing the value and reputation of Davident Clinic , which will consolidate its credibility with the patient as a humane dentist with patient care.
Davident Clinic seeks transnational support for the creation of a new model built on the promise of educating the public on dental care, and ensuring that quality new doctor-patient relationships are achieved. Through innovation and expertise, Davident Clinic is expected to offer consumers an all-in-one platform that incorporates a more user-friendly environment for patients. The main project objective of Davident Clinic is to empower patients and dentists for a new type of social information, communication and building a long-term trusting relationship.

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