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It is noticeable that social entrepreneurship has become an important part of  all the world.
Social entrepreneurship creates such an environment where individuals, groups, start-ups and entrepreneurs develop, finance, and implement social, cultural, or environmental solutions.
In terms of youth development and community development are very important factors. Infrastructure in rural communities is either absent or has lost its functional significance in Armenia. This is an obstacle in almost all rural communities in terms of youth development, and the current goal of our organization is to harness their potential and create new opportunities to give hope to young people.
The lack of a comprehensive approach deepens inequality in education, and the devastating learning loss due to COVID-19 creates a serious gap between the labor market and education. Youth in the regions have less opportunities than youth in the capital. It is very important to have a developed infrastructure in terms of self-development and personal growth. The lack of opportunities is available to youth in Armenia, and the lack of hope is the reason why our organization is going to actualize the Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development project.

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