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I have some ideas. I don't  know whether it will work or not.

for SARS COV-2 can be grown in aborted human embryonic tissue. Because it has yielded fruitful results in finding vaccines for other viruses in the last centuries.

we can test , whether this SARS COV-2 virus can be inactivated by ether. Because coronavirus can be inactivated by ether (found by Bertil Hoorn in 1960s)

have to either stop the binding of virus with ACE2 receptor or destroy the protein spikes which is the reason for attachment of virus in human body(once we destroy the protein spike / the coat we can destroy the virus easily)

viruses slow down the production of (MHC) Major Histocompatibility Complex proteins and prevent the T cells from alerting the immune system. So if we increase MHC in our body there is possibility of increasing immunity which prevents us from getting the disease

These are the some of the things I got through and that I want to share with I am a 2nd year college student , I can't do research because of the lack of  facilities.

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