How can the pursuit of happyness and the communication fit in the same project idea?

il y a 7 ans

How can the pursuit of happyness and the communication (in all its sides) fit in the same project idea? What can these two themes have in common? The idea aim to understand how and at what extent marketing, communication and multinational corporations succeeded in changing our emotional perceptions.

It is always more frequent to find people identifying hold and wellness and measuring their own happiness in terms of salary, while it is always more rare to find, on the other side, people able to give value to their own time, that is often sacrificed to increase incomes in order to satisfy material “needs”. Wayne Chilicky, manager of General Mills, as others in his sector, affirms that customers should be conquered since the cradle, since childhood, and brought till the grave.

In this youth exchange project, we will analyze these aspects and many others and, maybe, together, we could decide to be free and feel really happy.

This is an Erasmus+ KA1 project, we would like to discuss on with the 5 organizations that will decide to become our partners

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