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Let me start with what we do.

We are a Lyke company whose activities are related to supporting the education and development of children and youth. We produce and distribute articles for Sensory Integration. In addition, we have prepared and run alcohol, drug and behavioural addiction prevention program for children and adolescents. The program is enriched with shaping psychosocial skills, such as assertiveness, self-confidence, goal setting, and motivation. The prevention program was created as a response to the problem of addictions and risky behaviours deepening during the COVID-19 pandemic, which puts the health and even life of young people at risk.

We are already implementing the program in Poland. We want to prevent exclusion based on the place of residence, which is why we reach villages and small rural communes, of which there are about 1,800 in Poland. In each commune, there are several small schools, which usually do not have preventive measures. Such programs reach large cities, equipped with awareness, educational tools and money to implement them. The other children are usually left on their own, which exacerbates the problem.

That is why we are looking for EU funding. Our products are ready, as well as the vision and distribution channels. The only thing we lack is the financial capacity to ensure the health and safety of children and young people from rural communities.

If you see the possibility of cooperation, I will be happy to learn more.

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