Heritage Tourism Management through Digital Design

il y a 3 ans




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The proposed project aims at empowering young people in promoting Heritage Tourism resources through the development of their own skills in Digital Design for the digital transformation of heritage tourism. Moving towards a totally new era in cultural tourism that integrates the concept of digital heritage tourist into cultural life, young job seekers should be equipped with competences that allow them to differentiate themselves among a close and yet competitive industry.

After the completion of this project, future digital designers will be able to put their creativity into action being in position to map out digital content that promotes local culture and manage the tones of resources that cultural life offers (museum exhibits, local products, places to visit, local food, etc.) in an intuitive manner.

This will be facilitated through a hands-on online course developed especially for young adults already working or willing to work in the field of heritage tourism and on a web-based tool that will allow them to create their own digital heritage tourist guide.

 Tourisme durable
 Jeunes travailleurs
 Héritage culturel
 Culture numérique

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