Harnessing Biodiversity to Foster Wealth Creation, Employment and Development

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Joseph Rahall

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Sierra Leone is losing its flora species and by extension its fauna species at an unprecedented rate, measures must be taken to save what is left of it within a protected programme of conservation. Many forest reserves around the country are under continuous attack by various human activities. This intervention seeks to apply ex-situ conservation that would be integrated into various development paradigms such as eco-tourism, education and research, and community development. The project when fully actualised will protect all flora species in Sierra Leone, it will contribute to climate change mitigation, contribute to research on Sierra Leone's flora species, provide jobs to over 1000 people disaggregated into experts, professionals, skilled and unskilled. It will contribute to the development of communities to be affected by the project and will generate revenue from eco-tourism.

Green Scenery in Sierra Leone is looking forward to partners to develop this concept into a full implementable project  

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