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Since more than 200 years the Turin Institute for the Deaf is specializing in providing a wide range of services and activities to people who are deaf, hard of hearing or deafblind, as well as to people with severe speech and language impairment or an autistic spectrum disorder accompanied by severe speech and language difficulties or cognitive developmental delay.


Institute for the Deaf (IST) believes that every person should have his/her right to education and care attained, regardless of disability or any other factor. Therefore, we exchange our knowledge worldwide with the aim to enabling children and adults with hearing or communication difficulties to participate in society and achieve their full potential. Hereto we support and/or cooperate with organizations who provide or ameliorate accessibility to language, communication and information.


IST is active in the field of dual discrimination, working mainly with young people that face at least two possible reasons of weakness in the society: disabled and migrant; disabled and women; disabled with double diagnosis; disabled and unemployed.


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