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Hello everyone,I have open e company that I have registered it DIVA AGRO IMPORT-EXPORT ,a company for import export of fruit and vegetables,i have all the contact to export it,but I don't have a warehouse to package it,for the moment I'm taking the vegetables from others company,but they charge me a lot .the idea of ​​the company is to build a warehouse about 500m2 to 600m2, a parking space to load trucks, an electronic scale and a fork to load vegetables this way we can pack the vegetables ourselves, build a 100m2 refrigerator to store the vegetables, when we buy them at a low a very good and profitable business,i have 5000m2 of land to build the warehouse,The objectives of the company are that in the future, to have a supply network of vegetables, in all stores in Albania,we are looking for fund and grants,or partnership to build a strong comapany


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