Forest fires and social innovation

il y a 5 ans

The idea is to develop innovative social tools in order to increase preparedness of residents and municipalities that are in fire-prone areas and adapt to climatic change.

The main idea is build around the Fire Adopted Communities (FAC), a concept that is operating in the USA, on forest fire preparedness of local communities. FAC could be described as an administrative structure of population, that follows certain rules and procedures, attested by a diploma that is issued by a competent authority (forest service) and allows those structures to make certain operations in their area.

More specifically, the basic concept follows a linear implementation and is not connected with the legal bodies that provide fire, risk or crisis design, operation and rescue. Thus, it is important to have: (i) all available basic and complementary data of the project areas, (ii) stakeholders and local residents participation, (iii) authorities involvement, (iv) a design of the project areas on how data and people can become a viable solution to forest fires preparedness (and other crisis).

Proposed areas could be "wildland-urban interfaces" (WUI) across the mediterranean. It is proposed to have several different administrative structures to control the efficiency of the proposed idea (and the tools created), such as municipalities, regions, settlements outside the urban areas.


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