Foamed biocomposite wires for miniaturized medical devices

il y a 5 ans

University of Craiova



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Nowadays the necessity to provide small and complex medical devices for bone reconstruction, for example, is an increasing ;

The idea of this project consists in manufacturing of complex shaped and small alloplastic bone grafts with different porosity levels using the fomed biocomposite wires. The finished products would be as closed as possible to the natural human bone structure and properties.  Another application could be the coating of the existent dental implants with such biocomposite wires.

The concept idea is to improve the product quality and increase the economical benefits.

The new instrument developed by this project is the upgrading of some conventional technological operations specific to the injection moulding and extrusion in order to obtain an advanced raw material, respectively the biocomposite wires.

A new smart specialization would be developed afterwards using the wires (in green state) to mould the medical device by an upgraded additive manufacturing technology. The smart feature consists in the product designing and manufacturing simultaneously combined with the biocomposite wires designing and manufacturing related to gradual debinding and foaming processes along the sintering heat treament of the finisched product.

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