Female Genital Mutilation - Action grants to educate and raise the awareness of girls and boys about gender-based violence as a way to prevent it at an early stage

il y a 6 ans

APDES – Piaget Agency for Development - is a Portuguese non-profit Association that works with communities and people in vulnerable situation intending to improve access to health, employment and education and enhancing social cohesion.

We are currently preparing a proposal for a new EU project In the scope of the EC Justice Programme - Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme and it will focus on female genital ;

We are looking for a partner that has contact with children from FGM practicing communities, FGM practicing communities, or has experience in general in this topic. If you think your profile might interest us, feel free to contact us.

 Personnes defavorisées
 Garde d'enfants
 Égalité des sexes
 Éducation et formation
 Programme Droits, Égalité et Citoyenneté
 Migrants et Réfugiés

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