"FASADA" Festival

il y a 1 an
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"FASADA" Festival is a unique street art Festival which aims to battle the problem of air pollution in Sarajevo by painting murals with special air puryfing paint. One square meter of this paint has a power of puryfing simillar to one grown tree and in the end of June we will cover around 1000 square meters. 

The main goal this year is to promote a unique and shared cultural identity independent of one’s ethnicity, whilst amplify messages that are unifying and socially engaged. We wish to address a couple of highly important topics – climate change and gender equality. As the main segment of the Festival, one neighborhood in Sarajevo will become an open-air gallery, composed of seven air purifying murals painted by both female and male mural artists.

 Protection environnementale
 Égalité des sexes
 Arts visuels

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