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Our HQ are in the
Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands are a strategic spot for several research areas as relevant for society as Space, Environment, Astrophysics or Blue Economy.

A meeting place for agencies and institutions that foster the creation of a unique research ecosystem for technologies that could make a change in society.

The Canary Islands hold an unbeatable location – a bridge between three continents from which we take an entrepreneurial and open spirit.

We merge with an ecosystem that bets on smart and sustainable growth by creating an R&D environment that boosts it.

At ARQUIMEA Research Center we want to contribute to creating an economy based on knowledge and focused on sustainability and resource valorization.

We join the technology hub born in the Canary Islands and we sign up for the support the Canary ecosystem offers to innovation and entrepreneurship, both from the public and private sectors

 Électronique et microélectronique
 Intelligence artificielle

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